I’m Leah, founder of Brisbane Paleo Group.  All my life I have struggled with weight and health issues, digestive issues, extreme fatigue and fluctuating moods.  In my early twenties I was diagnosed with Hashimotos an autoimmune condition and I thought that taking a magic pill would solve my issues.  But it didn’t.   In fact my symptoms not only continued they got worse.   After the birth of my son, I gained a significant amount of weight, had no energy and did not feel like myself anymore. I discovered Paleo and a real food approach to eating and went on to loose 30kg and never felt better. I started a community meetup group of like minded people following the paleo lifestyle to help support, encourage and motivate each other on their real food journey.

We started out with 10 people in 2012 and now we have over 1000 making us Queensland’s largest Paleo Inspired group.  I also started my Brisbane Paleo Family Facebook page to help inspire others with meal ideas for busy people.

My philosophy is that if a busy mum with 2 children, a husband that works away from time to time, works part time and runs a large community group can do this then I believe anyone can.

It is all about being prepared and reconnecting with your kitchen. We have regular monthly meetups ranging from picnics in the park to large event with guest speakers. We also run regular webinars on all aspect of the paleo lifestyle called Nourishing Conversations. I love educating people on how to eat and live paleo which is why I run regular educational cooking demonstrations.

Connect with me
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brisbanepaleofamily
Instagram: @brisbanepaleofamily


0001-3640449“I believe that Paleo is only as hard as you make it and if you do the best you can you can succeed in living this awesome lifestyle for your whole life!”
Dr Anastasia Boulais from Whole9 South Pacific’s quote sums up Paleo perfectly to me!
“PALEO= a lifestyle and nutritional framework that relies on foods high in nutrient value, appropriate to our species and has its basis in evolutionary principles.”


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